The Mind Blowing KFConsole

Authorized by Colonel Sanders himself, the KFConsole is here– as well as it lastly fixes an issue that actually no person appreciated until now: how to keep your chicken cozy while pc gaming.


The KFConsole, produced in partnership with COMPUTER hardware producer Colder Master, assures to drink up the console battle like a bag full of 11 herbs as well as spices with its built-in hen chamber– a globe’s. It implies the days of standing lukewarm poultry or suffering via a slightly chilly piece of upper leg are thankfully over. And it has to do with time.

What began as a joke is now a truth at KFC. Having actually teased the console because June 2020, KFC has formally announced that they will, in fact, be releasing a pc gaming console with an integrated poultry warmer.

Called the KFConsole and also taking a form looking like that of a KFC pail, the console flaunts 4K and 240FPS. KFC has teamed up with Colder Master and also residences a custom Colder Master NC100 framework, along with the Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Aspect to drive efficiency while still maintaining area down. Colder Master has actually additionally added a first-of-its-kind, swappable GPU slot for video gaming lovers to outfit with various components for very easy upgrades as well as staying up to date for generations of gaming consoles ahead.

The KFConsole is made to maintain your fresh bought food piping as you frag opponents on the internet, something which the PS5 as well as Xbox Series X just can’t do (and we would not encourage attempting, either). The custom constructed cooling down system extracts system heat around the outside of the poultry chamber, so the hardware remains suitably amazing and your poultry remains cozy.

Making use of the system’s all-natural heat, the KFConsole assures to be the world’s first-ever mixed, gaming console and chicken-warming chamber. KFC states, “Never risk letting your poultry go cool once again thanks to the trademarked Poultry Chamber. Utilizing the systems natural warm as well as air flow system you can currently concentrate on your gameplay and also enjoy warm, crispy hen between rounds”.

Shaped like a bargain bucket is likewise with the ability of eating through the current video games, as well. While the specs are still firmly under wraps, the console promises to have a top-end Intel CPU within, an ASUS warm swappable mini-GPU, and an NVMe 1TB SSD from Seagate.

Suspiciously, the console does not have a launch day, cost or any kind of nailed on technological specifications to share yet, although it does have a site. We’re crossing our fingers that the Colonel provides a consumer-ready product in the close to future, as we’re uncertain whether a heated chicken chamber would certainly pass wellness as well as safety laws.

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