The Atari VCS Is Currently Available To Purchase

The Atari VCS is currently yours to have, over 3 years after the retro console was initially revealed.

Atari VCS Console

Excited customers can purchase two versions of the console over at Atari’s site: a $300 (~ ₤ 213) Onyx Base System, or the $400 (~ ₤ 283) Walnut All-In Bundle which comes with a Standard Joystick as well as even more contemporary looking wireless controller. Both pads retail for $60, or around ₤ 43, on their own, though it’s compatible with “most Bluetooth or USB PC peripherals”.

That cost which Atari says is “unique launch day pricing” that “might undergo transformation in future” really feels quite confident when you consider what you can obtain somewhere else for the same money. The Xbox Collection S costs the exact same cost as the Onyx Base System, while the PS5 Digital Version matches the All-In Package’s $400 price tag across the Atlantic or it would certainly if there was ever before any kind of stock.

Still, there’s clearly a market for it or there was when it raised near $3,000,000 in its initial crowdfunding project, anyhow. And unlike Sony and also Microsoft’s gaming consoles, the Atari VCS does include a complete collection of 100 free retro video games in the Atari Vault and also ought to have its own app store though exactly how inhabited this will be very much relies on sales figures, you would certainly picture.

The original part of it remarkably is the console comes with COMPUTER PC mode, where it can run Windows, Linux or Chrome OS and has Google Chrome installed in it. That definitely makes it a lot more versatile than a lot of packages that live underneath TV sets, although it’s an open question as to the number of individuals want the big screen COMPUTER experience in their living-room.

Still, given the troubled history of the console, it’s a little shocking that it’s relocated beyond vapourware whatsoever. It was initially slated for a spring 2018 launch day, and also things looked especially grim back in 2019 when the original system engineer left the project mentioning a lack of spend for over six months.

In addition to being up for sale on the Atari website, the console is offered in the US through Micro Center as well as Best Buy. We’ve gotten in touch with Atari to ask if there’s any kind of plans for a UK certain release as well as what the rates will certainly appear like. We’ll let you know when this happens.

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