Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 Evaluation

Netgear’s pc gaming routers aren’t simply rebadged items showing off expensive coloured finishes; they include a completely new OS that lets you tailor-make your pc gaming experience. And with the Nighthawk XR1000, Netgear provides the first Wi-Fi 6 gaming model.

Although this isn’t the fastest router in Netgear’s line up, the XR1000 is quick and also DumaOS uses plenty for the serious gamer.

Netgear Nighthawk XR1000

You could have simply reviewed that Netgear’s routers aren’t simply rebadged versions showing off expensive coloured surfaces, yet externally, the XR1000 is specifically that. It coincides sizes and shape as the RAX50, only here there are red accents to reveal it’s the video gaming router. As well as, in my point of view, those accents make the XR1000 appearance far better than the RAX50.

While Netgear’s various other Wi-Fi 6 routers go with a stealth-bomber appearance, suitable the antennas right into fold-up wings, the XR1000 sports a much more standard style. Below, you have to fit the four antennas by hand and also stand them up. It’s a small task leaving the XR1000 appearing like it means business.

Around the back you’ll discover 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired tools, plus a Gigabit Ethernet port for the WAN connection. There’s no 2.5 Gbps WAN port that’s included on some of Netgear’s various other routers such as the RAX200, nor is there connect gathering. Still, Gigabit Ethernet remains adequate to manage even the extremely fastest UK broadband rates.

Additionally consisted of is a USB 3 port for sharing data on the neighborhood network, ought to you need to.

Setting up the XR1000 is by means of the Netgear Nighthawk application. This will certainly obtain you connected to the router as well as take you with the net as well as Wi-Fi configuration. By default, you end up with two Wi-Fi networks one for the 2.4 GHz band as well as one for the 5GHz band however you can switch on Smart Connect to have one network, with the router choosing which tool connects to which band.

With the Nighthawk app, you can do some really standard points. You can switch on the guest network, take care of the Netgear Armor solution (a network-wide safety service that’s powered by Bitdefender, which costs ₤ 59.99 per year), and also alter your wireless name. You can likewise view linked devices and reboot the router, either when you get on the very same network or even remotely.

Netgear Nighthawk XR1000

You’re only touching the surface area of what the XR1000 can use, nevertheless; you really require to dive into the internet interface. Here, DumaOS 3.0 presents its full power and also it goes over. I initially came across DumaOS on the Netgear Nighthawk XR500, as well as this is currently the current variation.

DumaOS is built around offering the most effective efficiency on a per-device and per-application basis, and it has a few of the most advanced controls available. The router takes a speed examination when you install it to get a suggestion of the data transfer.

Explore the QoS setups, and also you can drag and also go down performance groups (Web, Media, Pc gaming, and so forth), to allocate basically bandwidth to each one. As you readjust one state, making video gaming a top priority the other groups readjust automatically.

You can additionally add specific gadgets, providing a details top priority, ensuring your major TV always has top priority for streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime Video clip, as an example. While QoS can usually be a challenging thing to set up, DumaOS excels in making it simple to adjust rather intricate policies.

In addition to prioritising website traffic, you can additionally establish some challenging web traffic rules. As an example, you can establish a schedule for when one gadget can play Call of Duty online, which is cool if you do not want the children going on the internet all of the moment.

Probably what DumaOS is most recognized for is its Geo-Filter. This is the bit of technology that aids you find and attach to the servers with the lowest ping times, guaranteeing that when you do play online, you get the most effective action times.

You can pick a video game through the Sound Heatmap, then run an examination to figure out where worldwide the fastest servers are. You can after that utilize this to produce a Geo-Filter, where the router only enables your games console or PC to attach to details web servers.

Study the Geo-Filter proper, and you’ll find new controls that let you select areas on the map where you intend to connect, stopping your gadgets from joining games on sluggish servers. With the old variation, you can only pick a span from a place, using much less granular control. The Geo-Filter is extremely effective and is especially useful for games gaming consoles.

Otherwise, DumaOS supplies the common advanced controls, letting you configure your wireless network and net link in similar method as on any Netgear router.

This router is a Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 router. It supplies a two-stream 2.4 GHz network that can run up to 600Mbps and a four-stream 5GHz network that can work on the 160MHz band for an overall throughput of as much as 4800Mbps.

Of course, although the XR1000 is in reverse engineered for use with Wi-Fi 5 gadgets, you obtain the major benefits if you have Wi-Fi 6 tools.

Although there’s a reasonable amount of transmission capacity below, the Netgear Nighthawk RAX80 doubles the number of 2.4 GHz streams for a complete bandwidth of 1200Mbps, although it maintains the exact same 5GHz rates.

Testing the XR1000 with a Wi-Fi 6 laptop that contains a two-stream Wi-Fi 6 card, I put the router right into Smart Attach mode to run my tests. I discovered that performance was very strong at close quarters, with throughputs of 715.57 Mbps, however it left on the initial floor to 318.59 Mbps, and also did better once again on the second flooring at 355.15 Mbps.

These rates are extremely comparable, although a touch slower, than those attained with the Netgear RAX80 router.

It isn’t Netgear’s fastest router, and the XR1000 really provides less data transfer than the more affordable RAX80. If you’re primarily simply utilizing your web connection for internet surfing or streaming video clip, after that the older RAX80 makes even more sense. Nonetheless, if you’re appropriately right into pc gaming, especially on console where there’s less selection over web servers, DumaOS enters its very own. If you require something different, after that the overview to the very best routers can offer.

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